Hot Tub Base
Your hot tub needs a good solid foundation. The foundation on which your hot tub sits must be able to support the weight of the tub, the water in it and the weight of its users. If the foundation is inadequate, the tub may shift every now and again. This will cause stress to the shell which may eventually lead to small cracks. Damage caused by an inadequate or improper foundation is not usually covered by hot tub warranties.

A hot tub containing both water and people is extremely heavy. If you are installing the hot tub onto wooden decking or an other elevated structure in your garden, it is advisable to consult a structural engineer to ensure that the structure will support the weight of the tub.

Ideally, hot tubs should be installed onto a concrete base at least 4” thick.

If you are installing your hot tub indoors, ensure that your choice of flooring is impermeable to water. Try to create a base on which water drains away from the spa, protecting the cabinet and electrical components from water damage.

Water Supply
Hot Tubs do not require a permanent water supply however there must be a non-softened water supply and hosepipe within reach in order to fill the tub. A hosepipe is also used for emptying the hot tub via the bottom drain or by using a submersible pump. An accessible drain in which to direct the emptying water is useful.

Do not place your hot tub within 3 metres of overhead power lines. Make sure your hot tub is positioned so that access to the equipment compartment and side panels will not be blocked. On the Atlantic and sunset spas, the access panel is on the longest side.

Taking Delivery
Check the dimensions of your hot tub and compare them to the width of any gates and paths along the delivery route between the road and the installation site. It may be necessary for you to remove a gate or partially remove a fence in order to provide an unobstructed passageway.

If the delivery route will require a 90° turn, don’t forget to check the measurements to ensure the hot tub will fit through. Also, look for any protruding utility meters, low roof eaves, overhanging trees or gutters that might cause an obstruction.

In some circumstances it might be necessary to hire a crane for the installation. This could be to avoid damage to the tub or to your property, or simply because there is no other way to get the tub into.


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