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Service and Repairs

We know you want your spa ready to go whenever you need it, so an annual service makes perfect sense in terms of spotting mechanical problems before they become financial ones.

Our annual service package costs only £349 and includes the following:

  • Biofilm removal using Spa flush 24 hours prior to service for best results
  • Clean and degrease filters – Using a supplied cleaning solution.
  • Drain all water from hot tub and wet vacuum all jets and pipes that can be reached safely
  • Full inspection of components – All components such as pumps, pipework, ozone and blowers are checked. Pumps checked for resistance, noise, leaks etc….
  • Tighten all unions and inspect, replace and seals if necessary
  • Shell washed down with chlorine solution
  • Tidal line, waterline removal using Eazy Kleen
  • Hot tub refilled with fresh water
  • Hot tub restarted and all pumps primed of air
  • Initial water balance using customers chemicals
  • Clean and inspect cover and treat with 303 vinyl protectorant
  • Service report with any comments and advise on any repairs needed.

If you are booking a service why not take advantage of our chemical offer, 1 years supply of chemicals for £149 if paid for at same time as service. making a total of £499!

Our call out and labour charges are as follows:

£95 call out (covers 1st half hour labour on site)

£55 per hour thereafter.

We may charge for travel separately outwith a 50 mile radius of our Glasgow showroom.