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Hydropool Self Cleaning 700 8 Seater Hot Tub

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Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 700 is an 8-person hot tub with double loungers.

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Hydropool Self Cleaning 700 8 Seater Hot Tub

Product specification

DimensionsW 224cm (96in) x D 224cm (96in) x H 99cm (39in)
CapacityApprox. 454 Gallons / 1720 Litres
Weight when full4823 lbs / 2188 Kgs
Weight when empty1032 lbs / 468 Kgs
The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 700 (commonly referred to as the "Honeymooner Special") is an 8-person hot tub that comprises of two side-by-side never-float loungers, and an additional lounger that faces a separate direction.

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Relax three different ways in this spa: couples may lounge beside each other, across from one another, or use traditional seating to fit the whole family.

Easy-access, non-slip steps are built right into the interior, and the Hydropool Self-Cleaning 700 boasts 50 jets as part of our Platinum Series, offering our stainless steel, fully adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system. Our exclusively designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage and a rejuvenating hot tub experience.


  • Hydrowise Triple Thermal Shield Insulation system
  • EcoSmart Self-Cleaning technology
  • LED lighting
  • Safety grab handles

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